Scroll Strip Feeder

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This machine is designed to transfer strips from the  outfeed of a scroll shear into the  hopper of a strip feed  press. Depending on the type of scroll shear deployed, different collection conveyors may  be used.

ALP 10 unit

This unit can receive scroll strips from a scroll shear with an integrated outfeed conveyor or from a model  ALP 20 or ALP 30 conveyor.

The conveyors feed  strips according to the  needs of the  press, maintaining a constant height of the stack of strips in the  press hopper.

To allow easy  access to the  press hopper for cleaning and maintenance, the  belt conveyor can be lifted upwards.

ALP 20 unit (for triple  output scroll shears)
ALP 30 unit (for single  output)
These units  collect  sheets at the  exit of the  scroll shear without an integrated outfeed conveyor. Thanks  to the  particular modular construction, they  can be easily  adapted to every kind of scroll shear.

These units  consist of a series of magnetic belts and of a rotating pocket wheel  to carry the  strips from the  shear outputs to the  ALP 10 unit.

will support the  customer in connecting the  existing scroll shear and strip  feed  press with the strip  feeder, both  mechanically and electrically.

Upon  request the machine can  be customized according to customer specifications
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