Automation Machinery

Automatic Plastic Wrapper


This machine has been developed to automatically shrink wrap steel and aluminium ends.

The ends coming from the production lines are counted (accuracy ± 1 end per sleeve), separated into a stack and then picked up by a gripper. The gripper moves on a system of x-y axes and transports the stick to the wrapping station, where it is wrapped using micro-perforated plastic film, heat-sealed longitudinally and then heat shrunk by hot air blowers during transport through a step roller conveyor to the outfeed of the machine.

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Automatic Plastic and Paper Unwrapper Machine


This machine is used  to automatically feed  one or more seamers with unwrapped sticks  of ends that

were previously shrink-wrapped with plastic film or ends in paper bags.

The machine takes the  sticks  of ends from the  hopper.

In the paper project, a knife  cuts  the  paper bag longitudinally and it is then ejected into a collecting bag.

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Automatic Paper Bagger


This machine automatically collects, counts and puts  the ends coming from one or more production lines into pre-made paper bags.

The paper bags  are  stored in a dedicated section with an autonomous capacity of 500 pieces.

Here a special pneumatic arm takes the  bags  and places them in the  bagging station where they  are opened by means of an air blast before the  stick of ends  is pushed inside.

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Dual Or Single Box Snake Wrap Palletizer


This machine has been developed by CORIMA to automatically palletize pre-made sleeves of ends applying a paper or plastic “snake wrap” between the layers to form a tight and secure pallet load. The sleeves are carried by a conveyor into the machine.

Here, the  sleeves are  picked up by the  pick & place  unit and placed on the pallet where the  same unit handles the  paper or plastic roll to form the desired snake pattern.

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Automatic Scroll Strip Feeder


This machine is designed to transfer strips from the  outfeed of a scroll shear into the  hopper of a strip feed  press. Depending on the type of scroll shear deployed, different collection conveyors may  be used.

This unit can receive scroll strips from a scroll shear with an integrated outfeed conveyor or from a model  ALP 20 or ALP 30 conveyor.

The conveyors feed  strips according to the  needs of the  press, maintaining a constant height of the stack of strips in the  press hopper.

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Automatic Double Sheet Stacker


This unit provides automatic and continuous stacking of printed or coated sheets; installing this system at the  outfeed of coating and printing lines increases productivity and gives a saving  on manpower.

Automatic stack changeover on the  sheet feeder in front of the  line can be done  while the  machine is in continuous operation, without  stopping the  line.

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